not all those who wander are lost ☮


ॐWandering Wolfॐ

Mazzy Star - Fade Into You




Science Friday Explores and Explains the Vampire Squid, A Fascinating Deep-Sea Cephalopod


Exorcism Kit!

Cover art - Saint George and the Dragon. Printed, extra-aged in photoshop. Weathered glass window.

Vade Mecvm book - Cut from leather, printed latin pages aged and weathered, bound with waxed thread. Costume jewelry cross glued to cover.

Mounted skull cross - Costume jewelry cross, wooden craft store cross. Painted.

Holy water bottle - hotel lotion bottle, custom sculpted faux-wax cap. Painted, aged.

Herbal container - Breath mints container, glued on costume cross. Painted, weathered.

Inner casing - Layered EVA foam, fabric, gorilla glued to base.

Seal of Solomon cross background - Layered printed paper, aged and sealed with glue.

Rosary - Assembled from old neck chain, mardi gras beads and custom sculpted cross. Painted and aged. Going to hell.